Results, Jose Aldo VS Conor McGregor, UFC 194

Conor McGregor won UFC 194 with a victory by K.O. within 13 seconds in the first round. This time the game was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. And led by referee John McCarthy.

Aldo was already one of the greatest fighters ever. His bout last night had less to do with his legacy, as it was very much a personal war with Conor McGregor, and Aldo desperately wanted to shut the Irishman up.

Meanwhile, McGregor has had his eyes on Aldo since his first day inside the Octagon. He was successful in his climb up the ranks, and he finally earned his chance to dethrone the legendary Brazilian.

And boy, did he capitalize on it.

The two men feinted briefly. Aldo came forward with a right hand to the body, and followed it up with a left hook. As he threw the second punch, McGregor slammed home a counter left hand that Aldo exploded directly into. It landed perfectly, Aldo went cold, and McGregor was crowned the new champion after just 13 seconds of work.

MMA crazy.

There's nothing to analyze here. Aldo came in hard with a combination, and McGregor landed a picture-perfect counter strike. That's all that happened.

This result -- along with the flash knockout of yesterday's main event -- really forces the oft stated "anything can happen" creed of this sport to the forefront. In this sport, either man can win with a single strike, and the margin of an error is unbelievably thin.

At its core, MMA isn't a sport that asks, "Who's the better fighter?" To get that answer, you'd have to run through each match up a hundred times to get a trustworthy sample size, and that isn't feasible for dozens of obvious reasons.

Instead, MMA asks, "Who was the better fighter on the night of the event?" To that question, that answer was as clear, emphatic, and devastating as the man himself. McGregor was the better man last night, and he executed his game plan perfectly.

Moving forward, both fighter's immediate future should be the same. They will rematch, as Aldo is one of the most dominant champions ever, and the fight never really had a chance to unfold. Meanwhile, McGregor will be looking to solidify his hold on the title, and stopping Aldo for a second time is the finest way to do so.