Julianne Hough, Battling Acne

Julianne Hough: Battling Acne Was ‘Horrible’
She’s the fresh-faced beauty of Footloose and Dancing with the Stars, but Julianne Hough wasn’t always so comfortable in her own skin. The Proactiv spokeswoman tells the Beauty Bean that dealing with acne while rising to fame was “horrible.”

“You try to tell yourself that you’re fine and it’s all good — and you really should be fine — but it definitely affects you,” she shares. “You want to do what you can to make you feel good.”

Now pimple-free, the dancer-singer-actress says she feels most beautiful when she’s around her family and friends. “There’s just a certain glow you have when you’re with your loved ones,” she explains. Though getting prettified can be fun, too. “I love to get glammed up and feel that my hair looks great, and my skin looks good and when my legs are shaved and I’m wearing high heels,” she admits.

A seasoned pro at hair and makeup, the starlet says she’d tell her younger self to cut back on the eye shadows and lipsticks. “Less is always more,” she proclaims. “Don’t try to be too matchy-matchy — I was always matchy-matchy.”

So these days, Hough says she turns to “women who are so comfortable in their skin” and don’t wear a lot of makeup — like Julia Roberts — for beauty inspiration. “You can just see how happy and fresh and beautiful they are from within,” she explains.

And she finds that feeling gorgeous is internal for her, as well. “I think that how you were raised, no matter what size, what color hair, anything — it comes from within and if you’re confident on the outside and have a great personality and really love who you are internally, then that’s what’s beautiful.”