How to change Smartphone Being Remote Control

Recently, a leading provider of external storage solutions and media player, Western Digital, introduced their latest product, the WD TV Remote. This application serves to enhance the navigation experience for users of WD and the WD TV Live Hub by changing the mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and Android devices into a remote control.

The prerequisite to use this application is, at least Apple's mobile devices must be using OS 4.0 or higher, and at least Android devices using OS 2.1 or higher than that. Users must also have a WD TV Live with firmware release version of 1:05:18 or WD TV Live Hub with the latest firmware version of 3:01:19.

WD TV Remote Control allows users to more easily explore a variety of digital media WD TV is enjoyed on a television screen. This application is available in several languages​​, like English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, and Portuguese.

WD TV Remote Control also provides all the standard features of the WD TV remote control with some interesting features, including gesture pad to help explore the screen with motion menus and intuitive service, use the QWERTY keyboard to enter text and search.