Avoid Facebook Virus

Facebook Virus has increasingly vulnerable , Here's How to Face it.

For those who have a Facebook account, maybe you've got mail messages from your friends and tell your steamy link to click that link. Be careful, if the link is suspicious, it could be a virus.

In its report, security vendor Check Point said many of the links on facebook that contains a virus. According to their research, as much as 20% of the overall link directs users to open the virus.

Checkpoint also reveal a variety of other data about the security vulnerability in Facebook. As many as 4 million Facebook users receive spam messages every day. Then 600 thousand logs in contact with other people hacked or hijacked.

To secure the your facebook account, PCMag gives a few tips that seem especially useful, ie.
  • Create a password consisting of numbers, symbols and letters, so as not easily known to others.
  • Do not accept friend requests are suspicious or not well known
  • Keep an eye on what was submitted and shared by a friend Facebook
  • Do not click on suspicious links