Powerbag | charge your multiple device anytime

Now many people who brought gadgets, netbook, tablet PCs and other electronic devices in their bags. If your bag only serves to carry alone, without being able to recharge the battery of an electronic device that you take it, maybe you should try Powerbag.

Powerbag, Bags Which Can Be Used To Refill Some Gadgets At the same time. Powerbag is a bag that consists of several types, such as the backpack to the luggage that has been integrated with rechargeable batteries that can recharge multiple gadgets at once.

Actually you can just buy your own rechargeable batteries (rechargeable battery) which is then inserted into the bag. However Powerbag much more practical, ranging from cables are suitable for various types of gadgets to an On / Off button on the front to start refilling or just see how much battery capacity remaining.

In the Powerbag available a large capacity battery of 6000 mAh. if this power battery not enough, we can be replaced with a higher 9000 mAh battery power.