Vanquish | latest work from Shinji Mikami

Have you ever heard of game called Vanquish? Vanquish is the latest fruit of Shinji Mikami, who is behind the success of famous horror franchise Resident Evil games. Vanquish itself has a genre of sci-fi shooter, and when seen from the genre that was wrought by Mikami this time, seems to be a substantial change.

Graphically, the Vanquish is really incredible. Although impressed just an ordinary third person shooter game, but this game could really give a very deep impression. Not to mention in terms of effects and explosions that occur when you're playing. It's really amazing. In terms of games, Vanquish can also be said to be very interesting. While this game still relies on the hideout, but Mikami has said that this game is more likely at a fast tempo game, where you will be required to be able to react quickly to the circumstances that surround you.

Setting the world in Vanquish is a large spacecraft beyond the Earth. In this game, we are told that America and Russia are involved warfare and Russia use reinforcements in the form of a robot that knows no mercy, while the Americans rely solely on ordinary soldiers. Here, you will control a research scientist named Sam. Sam is the person responsible for the research of armor that he wore during the game will run.

Well, the Vanquish, Sam can carry a maximum of three weapons to fight with the enemy, much like Gears of War. To change weapons, you only need to press the D-Pad only. As for the weapons that you can use, is quite diverse ranging from machine guns to shotguns, you can find here. To further make this game feels solid, Mikami along with the team responsible for developing this game even managed to give a special uniqueness to existing weapons. So, do not worry you will find a weapon that seems to be different, but actually the same.

Well, if you have started to assume that the most important thing here is a weapon that is owned by Sam, then you are wrong. Still remember the armor that we mentioned at the beginning of our earlier preview? Precisely that armor is the most important part of this game. Why is that? Because of this armor that will protect Sam's soul from harm. If the armor has been exposed to damage is too severe, then later it will be automatically armor gamers by making the game into slow-mo in a few seconds, allowing you to escape and let the armor that you use the same again.

The ability of the armor could also be quite amazing. One of the most important purpose here is to fly at high speeds. While we were gliding at high speed and even then, you can perform other attacks such as shooting, at which time shoot it, time will be a little slower and allows you to shoot more accurately with the enemy. When you press the melee hit while flying, then the result later was a hard kick to the enemy. To attack this one, can be guaranteed to make all regular enemies instantly lost with just one attack alone, even if they are sheltering though. And what if until you eventually use the movement of this fly? Armor will be hot and for a while, you will not be able to use it. Overall it will be marked with an alarm that goes off.

All the capabilities we have mentioned above of course can not be removed continuously. There was all this energy limit. But wait. While it is limited, but you do not need to worry because it can fill its own energy and it can all be done very quickly. Which may be a bit annoying is the fact that later in the game, whenever you find any amuniasi you can take, you must press a certain button first, then Sam would pick it up. So you can no longer use the old system that just ran through a certain ammunition and automatic ammunition was taken away by Sam. Well, it looks not that Mikami was intending to make a game that is different than usual?

Now, we need to do is just sit back and wait for the latest game from Shinji Mikami this out. However, from a glimpse of demonstrations that we've seen so far, the game is quite promising.