Liquipel | keep your smartphones for water resist

a company based in California, USA, demonstrate some demo at CES event in 2012 to prove how powerful the liquid products waterproof bags they have. tissue is inserted into the water for a few moments, then tissue was removed but still on the dry. is it a Magic ? the secret is Liquipel.

Liquipel find method 'coats' for smartphones with special substances that protect them from moisture. Keep in mind that 'coat' is to protect every inch of the smartphone from the water. for "simple words" its like to imagine that oil and water can not be fused. But the problem is, you should submit your smartphones for 2 days to them for sprayed with the magic spray with a cost of $59 or add $69 for working faster - only 2 hours.

Liquipel guarantee this method can protect your smartphone from water, so if interested try visiting for more information, or watch the video demonstration.