Yakuza Black Panther 2 | Date Release Announced

According to the latest information emerging from Dengeki PlayStation, Black Panther Yakuza 2 has a definite release date, which is dated March 22, 2012. The game will be priced at EUR 6279 for the retail version, and USD 5600 for a downloadable version.

Just like its predecessor, titled Black Panther, Black Panther 2 was developed and released specifically for the PSP handheld console. Setting the story in this game continues the story of the main character, Ukyou Tatsuya, who recently returned to Japan after his trip from America. In this game we are told that Tatsuya had a dream to become a professional boxer fighter.

Black Panther Yakuza 2 also presents a feature of "new partners", where players can freely summon another character who is a fellow player to walk side by side together Kamurocho players.