Casio G-Shock Phones | the stronger phones on the world

Casio has been showing G-Shock smartphone at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. This phone has all of the essential elements of the G-Shock line with the appearance of rugged and shock resistant.

The new Casio model is a step of Casio's efforts to bring the new flagship product after Casio G'zOne Commando phone earlier product who also hold a variety of conditions and is suitable for military purposes.

Although only a pre-production prototypes, Casio G-Shock phone comes with a variety of powerful features such as the following:
  • OS Android - Android hopefully fixed realization
  • Withstand shocks to 10 feet
  • Water Resistant to 1.0 bar = 10m!
  • Resistant to pressure to 1.0 bar / 1 ton
  • Metal Caseback
  • Construction Plastic / resin
  • The camera and flash