Kinect Sold 18 Million Units at CES

Kinect Has Sold 18 Million Units at CES 2012 and will be available in the Windows market on February 2012.

In the Consumer Electronic Show, which last for Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer stated Kinect has sold 18 million units. Ballmer also said that there are many applications made for the motion sensor that was originally launched as gaming accessories.

Xbox and Kinect is part of Microsoft's success, sales during the holiday season last Kinect was heartening for Microsnft. Although earlier Microsoft launched Kinect as accessories Xbox 360 games and answers for Nintendo Wii

In recent months Microsoft puts Kinect as a controller of the media through sound and movement. Now Microsoft wants to use Kinect in their Windows operating system from February.

Microsoft also has a demonstration Sesame Part TV, some videos and some games, as well as an illustration of how the interactive capabilities of Kinect. Microsoft stated that the next step from Windows 8 will also begin Februai later with the opening of Windows applications store.