Review of Batman Arkham City

The Batman Arkham City sequel is still continuing previous Batman story, where after the incident at Arkham Asylum, Bruce Wayne was kidnapped when she was doing a press conference in front of the public by a group of Mercenaries Tyler, son of Dr fruit. Hugo Strange. Bruce has been recognized as Batman by the evil doctor, thrown into prison Arkham City, which is a small town that serve as a place to lock the criminals in Gotham City. Having managed to escape, Bruce asks Alfred to send Batman Suit to the place where he resides. And having turned into Batman, Bruce had met and managed to save from Two Face Cat Woman who wanted to kill him, after which the super hero back again to continue the journey in investigating the mystery of Protocol 10.

Batman Arkham City gameplay Review

Game environment this time broader and there are many areas that can be explored by adapting the concept of Open World as well as in Grand Theft Auto games, but the city of Arkham is not citywide digame the GTA. In the town of Arkham, you can re-collect the Riddler trophy which totals 400 trophies, then there are dozens of side missions and of course also the primary mission of the bedasar upper plot of this game. Then along game there are still many puzzles that are designed more complicated than the previous sequel.

Likewise with the combat system in which Batman has been deepened, where you can perform some new moves, like a double counter, double takedown, takedown multiple attacks on multiple enemies simultaneously. Once refurbished, the battle system in this sequel feels more exciting and weighted. And are now able to create a combo as high as possible compared to the previous sequel. By gathering experience throughout the game, you can still upgrade to Batman's gadgets and abilities as well as in the previous sequel.

Besides being able to fight, there are also various kinds of sophisticated gadgets that help Batman in quell crime, such as smoke bombs and grenades the ice to make enemies hassles while, the remote control Batarang which now owns Boost and Brake. Then there are also remote Electrical Gun Charge which can electrocute enemies from a distance, Bat Claw which can attract enemies or objects from a distance. Then Batman now can use weapons while hovering above the hook air to give a further impetus drift.

The amount of variation encountered the enemy in this game also requires a different tactic in defeat. In addition to regular face the enemy, there is also a boss enemy which is the mortal enemy of Batman, of which there is Joker, Two Face, Penguin, Dr. Hugo Strange, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and so on. Boss battle in this sequel continues the addictive, but unfortunately they are too easy to beat so seem less challenging. Besides, you can collect biographical data of the criminals in this game, like seeing their real name, status, info, and so on.

The return of detective mode can be activated at any time in tracking the enemy is still a feature of interest and as a distraction in the gameplay of this game. Not only analyze the scene to track and trace evidence left by the perpetrator, but this mode can also serve to monitor the position of the enemy and its location is strategic spot in killing enemies silently or make stealth movement, such as cracked walls trace a very useful to attack the enemy who stood behind the wall.

Graphic Batman Arkham review

Graphics used on this game uses the Unreal Engine 3 capabilities that have been modified and has managed a highly detailed game environment, be it in an outdoor area or indoor area that looks solid. Meanwhile, Batman character himself seems very detailed as well with the expression of life, while the Batman costume can also be seen damaged by fighting, such as Batman wings torn. Also, with the support of engine PhyscX make enemies when beaten into bouncing and falling as they should be. This game also provides the 3D features that can only be enjoyed with hardware that supports these technologies. While in terms of audio, voice acting and character of Batman digame this very well and looks animates. In addition, the sound effects also contribute to the atmosphere becomes more lively game.


With the increasing range of locations ranging from the already open-world game to combat systems and gadgets that have an important role throughout gameplaynya, making Batman Arkham City as the best superhero game ever and did not disappoint.