Microsoft Use "Cut The Rope Game" As Fascination on IE9

The famous game 2012 "Cut the Rope" seems to be used by Internet Explorer 9 for the promotion of microsoft products. The plan of this game can be played online on a PC through a browser IE9.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that Cut the Rope will be the latest weapon Microsoft to show 'the beauty of the web' when using IE9. Concept, the concept behind the game is actually made ​​ZeptoLab simple. This game displays Om Nom, cute green monster who was hungry.

The plan, a new web application from Microsoft will be able to unlock new levels of game Cut the Rope. these levels will be exclusively opened for IE9 users only. Players can use the mouse to move the rope or straps, pockets and bubbles to give him candy and collect stars to get points.

Cut the Rope is a game that is quite popular in IOS and Android devices. This game was recorded already downloaded more than 60 million users of mobile devices. Microsoft hopes that this game could be the main attraction so many people who will use their own browser.